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Staff List

Administration and Office Personnel

Name Position   Email / Website
Matt Verhalen Principal
Celia Willis Senior GIS [email protected] 
Ann Castro Senior GIS  [email protected] 

From the left: Celia Willis, Matt Verhalen, and Ann Castro

Sue Hirata Office Supervisor [email protected] 
Debbie Cobb  Student Services  [email protected] 
Shawn Powell Clerical Specialist  [email protected] 
Tracey Cameron Librarian [email protected]   

From the left: Sue Hirata, Tracey Cameron, and Debbie Cobb 



Name Position Email / Website
Charinee WIlliams Teacher - K1
Linda Mesrobian Teacher - K1 [email protected] 
Debora Keeney Teacher - K2  [email protected] 
Ashley Siipola  Teacher - K2 [email protected] 

From the left: Charinee Williams, Linda Mesrobian, Ashley Siipola, and Debora Keeney

Sheri Rinehart Teacher - Room 3 [email protected] 
Melissa Howard Teacher - Room 5 [email protected] 
Jenny Chavera Teacher - Room 5 [email protected] 
Laura Cook Teacher - Room 7 [email protected] 
Laura Wilson  Teacher - Room 8  [email protected] 

From the left: Sheri Rinehart, Laura Wilson Laura Cook, Melissa Howard, and Jenny Chavera

Lina Goudy Teacher - Room 4 [email protected]
Carol Whitney Teacher - Room 6 [email protected] 
Melissa Doda Teacher - Room 9  [email protected] 
Cindy Gold Teacher - Room 9  [email protected] 
 Jesicca Ross Teacher - Room 12  [email protected] 

From the left: Carol Whitney, Melissa Doda, Lina Goudy, Cindy Gold, and Jesicca Ross 

Carol Dupras Teacher - Room 10 caroldupra[email protected]  / website
Joel Stetler Teacher - Room 11 [email protected]  / website
Micah Haury Teacher - Room 13 [email protected]  / website
Carrie Kiser Teacher - Room 14 [email protected]  / website

From the left: Carrie Kiser, Joel Stetler, Micah Haury, Carol Whitney, and Carol Dupras 

Colleen McComas Teahcer - Room 15 [email protected] 
Leah Johnson Teacher - Room 21 [email protected]
Tannaz Eghtesadi Teacher - Room 22 [email protected]

From the left: Tannaz Eghtesadi, Colleen McComas, and Leah Johnson 

Elyssa McCoy   Teacher - Room 18  [email protected]
Steve Dunbar  Teacher - Room 20  [email protected]
Laura Mayer  Teacher - Room 23 [email protected]

From the left: Elyssa McCoy, Steve Dunbar, and Laura Mayer

Rachelle Pirok Teacher - Room 17 [email protected]
Tom McBride Teacher - Room 19 [email protected]
Steve Dunbar   Teacher - Room 20 [email protected]

From the left: Tom McBride, Rachelle Pirok, Steve Dunbar 

Sarah Gott  Speech - Room 151/2 [email protected]
Ray Rodriguez  DI - Room 16 [email protected] 
Ciara Standridge RSP - Room P27 [email protected] 
Chloe Borunda RSP - Room P27 [email protected] 
Richelle Turner School Psychologist - Cubs Den  [email protected]

From the left: Richelle James, Chloe Borunda, Ray Rodriguez, Ciara Standridge, and Sarah Gott


Laura Olson  Strings - MPR Stage [email protected] 
Gary Kliewer Choir - Room P30 [email protected] 
Audrey Joseph   Band - Room P31  [email protected] 

 From the left: Gary Kliewer and Audrey Joseph

Support Staff

Name Position   Email / Website
Macario Leal Plant Supervisor  [email protected]
Toua Vang Lead Night Custodian [email protected] 

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