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 Home of the Reading Lions!


Our library is committed to creating a love of reading and learning and to supporting our students and teachers.

Every class has a 30-minute library visit every week. Students in grades 2 - 6 may check out two books for two weeks and students in K-1 may check out one book per week.  Parents accompanying students can check out an additional two books.

Students can use library passes to enjoy game time during morning and lunch recesses.

Students are welcome to use the library computers to take AR tests and search the Library Catalog for books. Some exciting new links have been added to the Destiny Library Page, like Facts about California, math fun, spelling sites and more. Search our library at: Lincoln's Library Website.


            Monday           7:45 a.m. - 3:15* p.m.

            Tuesday          7:45 a.m. - 3:15* p.m.

            Wednesday     7:45 a.m. - 1:45* p.m.

            Thursday         7:45 a.m. - 3:15* p.m.

            Friday              7:45 a.m. - 3:15* p.m.

**Students must be accompanied by a parent or adult after school.

Parent Volunteers

We would love to have parents volunteer in the library. It’s a great way to spend time with your child and get to know their classmates during their library time. If interested, please visit stop by the library to schedule a time.


Please call Mrs. Cameron, our librarian, at 559-327-7289 or email her at

Accelerated Reader Program

At Lincoln, students will be engaged in the Accelerated Reader (AR) program through 6th grade. This program is designed to assess each student's reading level and reading comprehension. After a student finishes reading a book, they will take an AR test on campus. The higher score they receive, the more points they will earn. A score that is not passing will earn 0 points.

Reader’s Den Award
A student's AR points are the determining factor in earning the Reader's Den Award. Each grade level's yearly AR goal is listed below.

  • 1st Grade: 50 books plus 6 projects
  • 2nd Grade: 30 AR points
  • 3rd Grade: 45 AR points
  • 4th Grade: 60 AR points
  • 5th Grade: 75 AR points
  • 6th Grade: 90 AR points or 4,000 pages verified (or a combination of both)

*AR quizzes may be taken in the classroom, library, or in the tech lab.

AR At Home
Check your child's current points at 
Renaissance Home Connect.

Many of the books from our school library and from the county library are AR books. To find out more information on the books you currently own and/or the books your child has checked out from the library go to: and search for the book's title or download the AR app.

Book Fair
 Since school will be closed, Book Fair is online! Please support our school and library by shopping online from March 14-27. Click here to make any purchases. Thank you for your support!
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