Accelerated Reader

Readers are Leaders

At Lincoln, students will be engaged in the Accelerated Reader (AR) program through 5th grade. This program is designed to assess each student's reading level and reading comprehension. After a student finishes reading a book, they will take an AR test on campus. The higher score they receive, the more points they will earn. A score that is not passing will earn 0 points.

AR Points

A student's AR points are the determining factor in earning the Reader's Den Award. Each grade level's AR goal is listed below.

2nd Grade: 30 AR points

3rd Grade: 45 AR points

4th Grade: 60 AR points

5th Grade: 75 AR points

*A.R. Tests are only available on campus in the classroom or in the tech lab.*

Lincoln Library

At Lincoln we provide students with access to books and technology. To find the books located at our school library go to Lincoln's Library Website>>.

At Home

Check your child's current points at Renaissance Home Connect>>.

Many of the books from our school library and from the county library are A.R. books. To find out more information on the books you currently own and/or the books your child has checked out from the library go to: and search for the book's title.