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4th and 5th graders are eligible to compete in the Clovis West Area Science Fair, held each February.  6th grade students are eligible for this competition, and also for the Fresno County Science Fair, which is held each spring.  6th grade students interested in competing in the Fresno County Science Fair must contact the Science Fair Adviser before the end of October in order to register their projects; information regarding the Clovis West Area Science Fair will be posted in the daily announcements.  All students participating in Science Fair should maintain contact with the Adviser for assistance and mentoring, and also to ensure that projects are consistent with regulations and scientific best practices.

Science Fair Adviser:

Science Fair Information

How to Research a Topic

Scientific Method and Variables

Bibliography Examples

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Web Resources

Create a Graph: Input your measurements or dependent variable and this website helps you create a bar graph, circle graph, or line graph for your backboard and science paper.

Science Fair Project Ideas

Science Fair Project Ideas (5th)

Discovery: Science Fair Central

County Science Fair Dates: If your scientist is a 6th grader and wins an award at the upcoming Lincoln Science Fair, he or she may be eligible for the county fair. This link has more information.