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At Lincoln we strive to keep students and families as up-to-date as we can on upcoming events. Here you will find access to Lincoln Newsletters, Lincoln Calendars, and the Clovis District Calendar.

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August 2017  8-25-17 Lion News (PDF) 8-28-17 Lincoln Calendar (PDF)
September 2017 9-1-17 Lion News (PDF)
9-8-17 Lion News (PDF)
 9-15-17 Lion News (PDF)
9-22-17 Lion News (PDF)
9-29-17 Lion News (PDF)
9-4-17 Lincoln Calendar (PDF)
9-11-17 Lincoln Calendar (PDF)
9-18-17 Lincoln Calendar (PDF)
9-25-17 Lincoln Calendar (PDF)

October 2017  10-6-17 Lion News (PDF)  10-2-17 Lincoln Calendar (PDF)
10-9-17 Lincoln Calendar (PDF)
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